Les conférences, réunions, ateliers ou foires commerciales à venir ayant trait à l'optique à rayons X sont listés ici. La liste est en anglais pour m'épargner du travail. Veuillez me signaler toute erreur ou conférence manquante à l'adresse e-mail indiquée dans les mentions légales.

Date Name Description Place Country Continent


July 2022          
17.-22.7.2022 Telescopes SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022 Montréal Québec N.-America
August 2022          
1.-5.8.2022 DXC 2022 Annual conference on general X-ray analysis, including both X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction Rockville Maryland N.-America
6.-12.8.2022 GEOANALYSIS 2022 GEOANALYSIS 2022 — The 11th international conference on the analysis of geological and environmental materials Freiberg Germany Europe
8.-12.8.2022 PSI Camp 2022 3rd PSI Condensed Matter Summer Camp 2022 with a focus on Coherence and Entanglement in Quantum Systems Zuoz Switzerland Europe
14.-22.8.2022 RACIRI 2022 RACIRI Summer School is a joint initiative by Russia, Sweden and Germany in the collaborative framework of the Röntgen-Angström-Cluster (RAC) and the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute (IRI) Varberg Sweden Europe
21.-26.8.2022 IXS 2022 12th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS 2022) Oxford United Kingdom Europe
22.-26.8.2022 FEL 2022 FEL2022 — 40th International Free Electron Laser Conference Trieste Italy Europe
September 2022          
5.-7.9.2022 SNI 2022 Deutsche Tagung für Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung, Neutronen, und Ionenstrahlen an Großgeräten Berlin Germany Europe
11.-16.9.2022 SAS 2022 SAS 2022 / 18th International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering Campinas Brasil S.-America
19.-23.9.2022 ScienceatFELs2022 Science@FELs 2022 conference on 19.-21. September, followed by the "Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques" Hamburg Germany Europe
October 2022          
9.-15.10.2022 Fermi 2022 Tenth International Fermi Symposium Johannesburg South Africa Africa
13.-17.10.2022 SNGM 2022 Synchrotron and neutron studies of glasses and melts Gif-sur-Yvette France Europe
November 2022          
7.-10.11.2022 Athena X-ray Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe: the third scientific conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray Observatory Barcelona Spain Europe
16.-18.11.2022 GISAXS 2022 International workshop GISAXS 2022; workshop on field of thin films, nanostructures, surfaces and interfaces, grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering and related techniques. Hamburg Germany Europe
Dezember 2022          
5.-9.12.2022 13. AXRO 13th International Workshop on Astronomical X-ray Optics Prague Czech Republic Europe
7.-9.12.2022 BESSY users 14th BESSY@HZB User Meeting Berlin Germany Europe


January 2023          
8.-12.1.2023 241th AAS 241th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Seattle Washington N.-America
February 2023          
6.-8.2.2023 ESRF users ESRF user meeting Grenoble France Europe
May 2023          
7.-11.5.2023 EMAS 2023 EMAS 2023: 17th European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis Krakow Poland Europe
June 2023          
4.-8.6.2023 242th AAS 242th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Albuquerque New Mexico N.-America
11.-16.6.2023 IUMAS-8 IUMAS-8 — 8th Meeting of the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies Banff Alberta N.-America
12.-15.6.2023 BSR14 BSR14 — 14th International conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation Lund Sweden Europe
August 2023          
7.-11.8.2023 DXC 2023 Annual conference on general X-ray analysis, including both X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction Lombard Illinois N.-America
December 2023          
6.-8.12.2024 BESSY users 15th BESSY@HZB User Meeting Berlin Germany Europe
? TXRF 2023 19th International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods Clausthal Germany Europe
? XTOP 2022 15th Biennial Conference on High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging Marseille France Europe


January 2024          
? XRM 2024 The 16th International Conference on X-ray Microscopy (XRM) 2024 Lund Sweden Europe
7.-11.1.2024 243th AAS 243th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) New Orleans Louisiana N.-America
June 2024          
? 244th AAS 244th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) ? ? ?


January 2025          
 12.-16.1.2025  245th AAS  245th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) National Harbor Maryland N.-America
June 2025          
? 246th AAS 246th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Anchorage Alaska N.-America


January 2026          


January 2027          


January 2028          


January 2029          

8ème Colloque Rayons X et Matière

8ème Colloque Rayons X et Matière


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